Jennifer MAzur

Jennifer MAzur

Jennifer Mazur is an international artist who grew up in Florida, USA and
now calls Västerås, Sweden her home. She graduated from the Academy
of Design in Florida in 2001, and has been developing her own style since.
She works in mostly mixed-media which means calling her artistic style a
bit of a "kitchen sink" — with mediums ranging from inks, paints,
watercolors, pens, graphite, markers, papers and pastes.
Jennifer is a Mental Health Activist and all of the artworks she creates are
meant to invite conversations around the topic and help to smash the
Jennifer has private collectors in several European countries as well as
Canada and the United States and has won international competitions.
Windows represents women who have a background with mental health
issues and feel ashamed. They present themselves in public behind a filter
(like an instagram filter) because they are afraid of the judgement. The
more realistic eye symbolizes them wanting to connect- wanting to be
authentic- so they are showing the window to their soul in moments of

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