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Jakke Haapanen

Jakke Haapanen’s output is huge, but he has also had a long career as an illustrator. His special expertise is in various nature-themed subjects, including fishing subjects. For example, Jakke has illustrated many different popular nature-themed board games.

Jakke Haapanen is a painter from Finland. He lives in Helsinki, where he is inspired by nature and city life. World situations also affect Jakke’s work. His surreal oil paintings are full of color and meticulous. The work often involves the sea, whether a calm, quietly rocking, or raging storm. The sea reflects emotions and is an important element for Jakke Haapanen in his work. Humor often brightens his work and also difficult things, which often makes them easier to approach.

All works are signed original works. In (almost) all of Jakke’s works, there is a painted, small, half-burnt match, which also signs the works. Jakke spent a wild youth, which was to burn him out, so a match reflects him himself. There is also a feather in the works, which represents Jakke’s wife, who is an irreplaceable support by the artist’s side.