Check out our carefully selected collections, Specially designed to motivate and inspire you.

Check out our carefully selected collections, Specially designed to motivate and inspire you.

Young birch trees in the woods early in spring. Oilpainting on plate.

Inge Iversen

Inge is a self-taught artist from Norway. He has a Bachelor’s degree in English, History, and Art History, and has worked as a part-time teacher for more than 30 years.

Since 2018, Inge has been creating art full-time. His works have been represented in the Norwegian National Museum, Riksgalleriet, Oslo Municipal Art Collections, and the Arts Council Norway.

“I was born in Årdalstangen, on the west coast of Norway. This is where the Sognefjord ends, looking like the top of an oak tree. When I first discovered art, I wanted to try making it myself. On the living room wall, my parents had a reproduction of a church painted by Van Gogh, which I loved. In school, we would draw ski jumpers and my classmates complimented me on my drawings, which I highly appreciated.

When my school visited the Munch Museum in Oslo, I decided to become an artist. Studying art history and encountering the works of Bosch and Brueghel triggered my fantasy, while learning some introductory psychology and surrealistic art helped me find my way into the world of art.”

“I really appreciate being alive. I think we are, in certain ways, living in paradise. Flowers, landscapes, sunrises, and sunsets—all these inspire me, including animals and fellow human beings. Other sources of inspiration are the mysteries of life, the dark sides of mankind’s doings, and the growing extreme polarity between people. Given all that, how could a better world be organized? A world where we respect and appreciate everything the world offers, and in awe and humility, try to contribute to a better world instead of exploiting nature, animals, and our fellow men.

Music is also a great source of inspiration; both the modern jazz of people like Miles Davis and the classical work of Bach.”