Check out our carefully selected collections, Specially designed to motivate and inspire you.

Check out our carefully selected collections, Specially designed to motivate and inspire you.

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Meet Amador

Amador Montes (1975, Oaxaca) is a well known Mexican artist.

Amador emphasizes emotion and it develops from his personal life. The artist follows constant aesthetic research through the materials he loves experimenting with them. In the creative process, continuous changes and evolutions are generated. The layers symbolize time, which is also a central theme of his work.

Artworks by Amador Montes

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Wearable Art

The Elegance of dressing Art

Araceli Garcia bags
Each bag is transformed into a true canvas where the work of art takes place in a wonderful fusion of painting and design.

Galfer Dexign
Unisex eyewear with maximum expression. Represent Extremadura (Spain)…WEAR OUT OF THE BOX

Galleri Soho X TrendspridAren

Collaborating with Trendspridaren to showcase Exclusive wearable art & Fashion brands.

TrendSpridaren is a distributor company based in Stockholm and a commercial delegate in Spain.

Home & living


Aztec Handmade Throws
100% Cotton

Art candles by Harmony by CC

100% Soywax handmade unique candles

Gifts for everyone

We are happy to announce our collaboration with SOFTlab NY offering indoor and outdoor art installations.

SOFTlab is a design studio based in New York City.

The studio combines a research-based design practice with an interest in how technology, craft, and materials come together in ways that explore the boundaries between architecture, other disciplines, and the public.
In 2012 SOFTlab was awarded the Architectural League Prize for Young Architects & Designers, and previously in 2010, the studio was selected for the New Practices New York award by the AIA Chapter of New York along with 7 other young studios.

The studio has produced a wide range of design projects and collaborated with various artists, designers, publications, and institutions including MoMA, IBM, Adobe, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, New York Hall of Science, Eyebeam, New Museum, 3M, Vice Media, Intel, The New York Times, Van Alen Institute, EPFL, Pratt Institute, and Columbia University. The studio has exhibited work in galleries throughout New York City. The studio continues to work on many projects in New York while taking on new
projects and clients in Europe and Asia.
Pictures from previous projects done by SOFTlab NY

Our services for corporates


We can work from your floorplans and finishes to suggest imagery that accomplishes your goal and exceeds your client’s vision, whether in person at our Gallery or by emailing a digital presentation for review, along with keyed placement and an installed quote.

-Budget development

-Master planning


-Image selection


Our curator will develop a cohesive artwork package based on your design concepts, color palette, wall sizes, values, and budget.

Our team will work with you to develop a unique artwork collection that fully aligns with your vision to fit your co-working spaces, offices, lobbies.

Our artists and designers can create commissioned artworks: Paintings, sculptures, installation, video art,..etc.

Art rentals

Rent artworks to decorate and create an inspiring environment for you and your team, and as image speak more than words an artwork will inspire your customers and speak for your brand.

You earn credits towards purchase: If you would feel like owning the works a percentage of the money you paid in the rental will be deducted from the total work price.

Get original art in your space for a fixed monthly fee. Choose your fav. pieces from (Our send on-demand catalog ), and we’ll deliver and professionally hang your art for you .

LAtest Collaborational Projects

Galleri SoHo collaborates with Orresta Golf och Konferens to bring art and inspiration to golf players, visitors, and Village residents, Orresta Golf och Konferens is located close to

Orresta Golf & Conference is a modern and appreciated conference facility with experience in arranging developing meetings between people Orresta is located midway between Enköping and Västerås, only four kilometers from the new E 18. It is a 55-minute journey to Stockholm and only 15 minutes from both Enköping and Västerås. Gallery SoHo promotes, distributes, and presents art experiences on an international level, we work actively with artists, designers, art consultants, and galleries to create a unique and well-mixed collection that we proudly offer our collectors and visitors Link to digital display:

Konst På Orresta Golf & Konferens

Our Collaboration with home stylist and interior designer Sandra Clauss

Galleri SoHo Collaborates with Sandra Clauss to offer artworks in real estate and home viewing.

With our collaboration, we create a new channel where artworks can come to the home environment to make it easier and encouraging to start collecting artworks and create a unique surrounding.

As original artworks help you really feel at home and make your home speak about you to your visitors. all our artworks are sustainably made from high-quality materials so you don´t need to worry about refurnishing or re-arranging and if you think about moving they can follow with you where ever you are and if one day you want to sell, they will keep their value.

Collecting art is Indeed a lifetime investment!

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