“Invest in Yourself Today to Leave a Lasting Mark on History”

Helena Olausson

Creating is vitally important to me because I struggle with mental illness. I have been very sick before. Today I feel good with the help of the right tools and by being able to create.
There are always 1000 ideas spinning in my head and when I paint I get an outlet for this.

I have always been fascinated by colors and how together they can convey so much. It is exciting to explore unexpected combinations

‘I am a full-time artist and live in both Uddevalla and Stockholm. I have a great need to express myself through my paintings and through art I always tell a story.
Many paintings convey a story about taking control of one’s own life and daring to stand for who one is.
Through strong expressions together with some form of confidence, my works take shape and I want the viewer to find strength and power in my paintings.