Harmony by cc

Harmony by CC
Ruxandra cretu
” Hello, my name is Ruxandra and i am a designer and candle maker.
My passion for candles and fragrances determined me to create a Candle Collection and each scent comes with a wonderful message.
I successfully completed a candle-making course with the artist, Gary Simmons, from the Candle-Making Academy, in France, where i learned many techniques, including pouring the wax, design of the candles, and much more, using water, fire and wax. To the techniques, I added my imagination and freed my inspiration, creating unique design, art candles .
Sometimes, I combine candle-making with wax painting, i can add ice and sculpting in wax . Ultimately, my goal is for people to see my candles, the details and textures; and to enjoy the exquisite fragrances, allowing them to be led by the story behind each candle. “
Ruxandra will be exhibiting her collection at Galleri SoHo until 5/6 after will be moved to SoHo Art Shop , Stora gatan 18, Västerås

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