Gabriela Lago

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Gabriela Lago is an international artist and painter from Argentina who also has roots in Italy where she has lived a large part of her life.


Educated at Michelangelo Buonarroti Art School and Institute of Art School Nani in Verona, Italy, she mixes different techniques to create her oil paintings. One of Gabriela’s oil paintings from 1980 depicting Santa Teresa can be seen in the church, Basílica Santa Teresa di Gesu Bambino in Verona.


Nowadays, her paintings within magic realism usually describe different life forms and creatures in nature such as various animals, fairies, elves, plants, and flowers.

Welcome to Gabriela’s world of Magic Realism and be swept along in the true love that nature brings. 

Gabriela Lago

– My Inspiration : Openness and awareness of different life forms in nature have always inspired my artistry. Various animals, fairies, elves, plants, flowers, yes everything living is for me a gift that I want to share through my art. 

The hope is to create a channel through my art that opens up new thinking and at the same time inspires curiosity about different worlds and life forms. Getting a glimpse of different beings in various dimensions is something everyone is blessed with. But only through knowledge and curiosity, one can approach that divine beauty that exists.

Embrace the idea that there exists more than the eye first can see. You will then experience a wealth of pure beauty and energy that connects us to the universe and its energy. Let yourself be swept along in the true love that nature brings. Be taken to a diversity of worlds, dimensions, and creatures that will change your life. 


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