Swedish International Art & Fashion Traveling fair is welcoming you to join our movement of spreading sustainability in the fashion industry worldwide, As organizers, we aim to spread the positive and constructive message, and work together with fashion-leaders and designers to prioritize sustainability in the fashion industry. With so many problems going on these days – climate change, plastic pollution, deforestation, loss of coral reefs & biodiversity, water scarcity, just to name a few – the fashion industry is not necessarily top of mind for most people as either a problem or solution. The good news is that sustainable fashion addresses many of these issues in ways you may not expect. And in Sweden, we are focused on sustainability in the fashion industry.

Why Sustainable fashion ?
1. Sustainable fashion saves natural resources.
2. Sustainable fashion reduces your carbon footprint
3. Sustainable fashion saves animals
4. Sustainable fashion requires less water
5. Sustainable fashion supports fasirer and safer working conditions 
6. Sustainable fashion is heathier for people & planet
7. Sustainable fashion doesn´t support child labour
8. Sustainable fashion teaches us how to love our clothes again
9. Sustainable fashion is ethical and women empowering


Our Fair offers a special platform for Fashion designers as it will be a part of the Art & fashion fair, you will get to exhibit your works minimum period of one week, meet your potential clients and participate in a fashion show. if you can´t travel we will assign you an assistant that will work directly with you so we can present your works as if you are on the spot.

Eligible designers:

– All designers from around the world are welcome to enter

– Designers must be 18 years or older to apply

-The designer has to consider sustainability and the effect of the materials used on the environment.

– Images sent should contain original works created by the designer,and must not be replicas of already-existing works.

– No material limitation.

– Image size should be up to 1 MB ,image titles include artist name, the title of work, year, materials used measurements

– All the submission coming from another way than the following form included will not be evaluated


The following evaluation criteria will be used for judging the artwork: creativity, originality, quality of used materials and usage of medium, overall design, demonstration of artistic ability.

During the competition our Organizing team and 4 Pioneer fashion designers will judge and select a shortlist of the best designers among all the applicants, the jury is made up of professionals figures and the judgment is not questionable.


Selected designers will take part in a permanent online exhibition on our web site, will be included in our official catalogue with their artworks and biographies, will be interviewed and posted on our site, will be promoted individually extensively through our social networks, newsletter, and through our community of collectors, curators and fashion experts, moreover selected designers will receive a proposal for a long term collaboration with our gallery. 

​All designers will be considered for any future projects.


All Exhibitors who want to participate  must agree to the following terms and conditions before submitting their designs :

 ​- Designers retains the sole copyright for the images

​- SIAF will use your images only for marketing, promotional, and display purposes for any competition on our website.

​- Allow SIAF to archive chosen works as part of the online exhibition.

​​​- Images will not be resold, exchanged or copies

Sending your application.

Our fair doesn´t have application fee but to participate in our fairs and exhibitions you have to join our club, After completing this application you will be billed by the membership fee which is 50 € / year.

Directly after filling your application our team will contact you and provide you with all the information and answer all your questions.

The exhibition detailed information will be sent by email afterward.

If you would be selected to participate you will be billed by the participation fee which will be depending on the chosen package .

Packages starting from 350€.

Our club membership includes :

Participation in our fairs and exhibitions all year round.

1 full-page on our Website and 3 works on our webshop

Up to 30 % discount on the total fees for permeant spaces Showroom & studios ( minimum 3 months) in Galleri SoHo ( Västerås & Stockholm Branches) and 20% discount on Temporary spaces( 1-3 month).

30% discount on Artsy membership on Galleri SoHo Platform.

Your participation fee includes:

  • Website listing of your name and example of your works.
  • A full-page about you on our fashion designers section on our website.
  • 2 mannequins
  • Garment display stand
  • 25% VAT
  • The mentioning of your name and a reference to your stand or wall on the floor plan.
  • Online catalog of the  SIAF 2021
  • Supply of tools + screws for your hanging space
  • Two name badges (for yourself and one assistant) if you will personally attend .
  • 4 Invitations to exclusive opening events .
  • Virtual Exhibition on our website
  • You can participate as a speaker in our designer talks.
  • You can hold a workshop or a lecture during the fair period
  • Networking events
  • Advice on the curation of your layout if required
  • discount on customized spaces
  • All advertising, marketing, and promotion
  • Cloth hangers.
  • 3 individual Instagram posts to promote examples of your works.
  • Use of chairs and table if needed
  • The venue rent
  • Free access to  WiFi
  • Security throughout the duration of the exhibition
  • Invitation to Private View, including complimentary drinks
  • General publicity.
  • Printed designers pace signage with our logo (you may also bring your own)
  • An information pack, posters & flyers
  • All emails from our exhibiting designers are usually replied to within 24 hrs
  • Cleaning

Fashion show package includes:

• Participation in the show

• No. of runway looks / models depending on the package.

• Venue

• Hair/make-up

• Photos & videos from the show and backstage

• Backstage Interviews with designers

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