The act of erasing and stratifying, of digging, engraving, spinning is a sign of wanting to take something away and also of generating something. Digging to bring out. Think of rock engravings, signs carved into the rock with a variety of sharp instruments, a form of writing before writing, a form of expression. All this removing, scratching from the wall generated a language, a communication.

Dig and Stratify. Generate is a rhythmic score of drawings, gestures on canvas,  photographs, engravings, sheets of paper falling from the ceiling, woven threads,  fabrics in which vital images, their material support, and the technique that generates them are transformed into elastic apparitions unfolding in real-time and space.

The exhibition aims to recreate scenarios by playing with drapes with veils and gauzes that fall, with things that do not stand on their own on precarious conditions thin and light that lose their balance and lean towards the ground in search of support to hold them up.

The group show will include works by both emerging and established artists, from different parts of the world, England, Germany, Italy, Mexico, Iran, and Argentina.

Dig and Stratify. It will take place this spring on 10 May 2021 at Galleri SoHo, Västerås

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