Kulturnatt exhibition


On the 19th of September, Västerås City will be celebrating the 30th year since the starting of this beautiful celebration when all the cultural organizations and foundations are showing a part of what they offer all year round under the same day.
It´s a free night so everyone can enjoy, SoHo art, design, and culture center, Galleri SoHo and SoHo art shop have prepared an exciting and inspiring program for all visitors.
We are hosting an exclusive exhibition: Egyptian Tapestries alongside our usual member’s exhibition.
Exhibiting members:
-Anders Nilsson
-Anders Borgenhag Holmqvist
-Annika Borgenhag Holmqvist
-Annika Carell
-Amer Sari
-Agneta Cederblad
-Azi & Melina
-Anna Lönroos-Lanzarin
– Ann-Marie Alvarsdotter
-Bjanka Jug
-Karin Mona Törnkvist
-Karishma Desai
-Gladys Thell
-Graciela Loscalzo
-Gunilla Nilson Fors
-Ghada Zaky
-Linda Uljens Posio
-Lars of Sweden
-Inger Andersson
-Diana Butucario
-Frida Flöje
-Tobias Folkesson
-Josefin Nordgren
-Mats Henning Johansson
-Maria Lindman

-Nan Von Rummelhoff
-Sandra Lee Gustavsson
-Susanne Hiller
-Susanne Torstensson
-Stefan Edqvist
-Stig Shedvin
-Irina Hamrén
-Josefin Nordgden
-Jonas Karlsson Rahme
-Patricia Fortoul
– Peter Yossef

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