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Ready made spaces

The ready-made, better-than-anything-you-could-dream-of-creating-yourself decor. Where else can you have priceless art hanging on the walls of your event? It’s the kind of wall decoration you could certainly feel inspired in , as its presented in a coherent and beautiful way .

Unique, Open plan Space

The space itself is set up for hosting. Our gallery have wide open space that showcase the art to best effect. We keep the furnishings and interior neutral and minimalist. This means plenty of mingling and circulating space for you and your guests.

central loaction

Our gallery is located in the heart of the city center, it´s very easy for your guests to reach. 2 mins away from the central station, close to 3 Parking houses and surrounded by bus stops.
Also top location with street entrance and huge shopping windows, perfect for Launching and marketing events.

Creative Spaces

It’s an inherently creative Space. Creativity is in the very nature and purpose of our gallery. Artists have poured creativity into the pieces they’ve produced, pursuing an artistic vision. It is near impossible when in a gallery not to feel enlightened and inspired.


A gallery is always the classy, smart, cultured choice. It doesn’t mean it needs to be formal and stuffy, but choosing a gallery says something about the kind of party or event you’re throwing, and the kind of company you are.


Our gallery is the only gallery in Västerås centrum exhibiting international art , design, crafts and Digital art.


At our gallery you can add different digital and physical activities to your event such as Art tours, creators talks and workshops from artists world wide so you will learn techniques from all over the world without the need to travel.


You can hold your event at our gallery Space or we help you turn your environment into an art gallery.

Our art spaces are a perfect fit for small and medium gatherings 

We are following the recommendations of the Swedish health authorities.

We love the opportunity to help you celebrate your special day and helping you create unique memories . we work with private celebrations and company events.

 From intimate to Medium scale celebrations, we design bespoke and unique events that turn your dreams into reality. In addition, if needed we manage all aspects of planning to ensure a perfect event.


Private events packages

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Private Celebration

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Family day

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Creative evening

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Friends outing

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School packages

Fun and educative programs for students 

Art galleries are full of inspiration plus the student get to try and learn about Art jobs.

They can have a workshop and learn about visual artist career, or participate in a design workshop and become a designer for one day and try to design a logo, t-shirt, or room interior! 

They can also learn about the digital art market ad NFT.

Where else could they plan an exhibition and be a curator for a day?

All our programs are both digital and onsite.

Our talents ( artists, designers, ..etc.) living in many different parts of the world you won´t just learn a new art style or technique but get to learn about different cultures.

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Gallery Day

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JR Artist / designer?

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Young curator

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Company activity package

Stimulate creativity within your organization through team-building activities! Workshops are designed to encourage lateral thinking and push participants’ creative boundaries in a collaborative environment. Sessions include explorations of the art in our collection and optional hands-on artmaking experiences. If your company is launching a new product, then why not invite along any reporters or advisors to an art gallery for the launch? There will be space for your announcements and then a nice informal atmosphere for any discussions and mingling afterward.


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Breakfast meeting 

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After- Work

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Launching event

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Lecture or workshop

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Art collectors

Art galleries can be made to feel like very prestigious locations. As such, they are great for hosting awards ceremonies where those being honoured feel much more highly valued, We are also prepared to hold auctions and art lottery events.

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Lectures and workshops

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Art lottery

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Networking Events

School Trips

Friends Gatherings

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Art clubs Meetings

Art lottery events



What else do we offer? The sky’s the limit. Imagine bespoke menus, 3D renderings of room design concepts, practically limitless décor capabilities, custom staging & audio-visual services, supplier recommendations (we only work with the best), floral décor services, art making in the studio, personalized art tours – all seamlessly arranged by your dedicated events team. Art. Architecture. Events.