“Invest in Yourself Today to Leave a Lasting Mark on History”

Eivor Ewalds

I prefer painting portraits of women and I often paint delicate ladies in various moods. Eyes have always
fascinated me because they are thought to be the mirror of the soul. They reflect emotions that seem to
be hidden. I also like abstract and half-abstract painting where just a minimum of things can limit the
I am lucky to have the possibility to spend a lot of time in the Finnish countryside. I just have to take a few
steps from my studio and I am in the middle of the forest. Here I have time to think and I got great ideas
while I am walking with my dog.

I live and work in the South of Finland in Porvoo. I paint in oil and acrylic. I am a Master of Art and
graduated from the University of Art and Design in Helsinki in 2001.
The most important element to me is the color. It is an adventure to mix colors and see how they match
each other. I love to put strength and power in my paintings too and my ambition is to make the
audience feel the energy so they can be happy, healthy, and safe. Art needs observers to be alive. That is
why the interaction with the audience is so great and exciting.