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Galleri SoHo

CEO & Co-owner
Ghada Zaky

We are a young independent association for art, scene art, design, and culture started at the end of 2018 and we organize international events and We have established a wide network of artists and art lovers on a national and international basis, we also have an artists club including 100 + artists and collaborations worldwide, We recently opened Galleri SoHo in September 2020.

The gallery was established to promote different contemporary art disciplines, and value-adding cultural projects, offering its space for temporary exhibitions, allowing the encounter of different energies and visions of different artists, through presenting them to the public, with the purpose of participating in the development of the society.

Our mission is to promote the appreciation of arts and design, building bridges, and creating new movements led by integration.

 Art has become a priority due to its ability to connect us and help us in dealing with universal issues and emotions,. we are lucky that we are located in Sweden, unlike many other countries. we weren´t forced to close. that´s why we are keen on keeping our doors wide open to artists and the public while following the recommendations of the Swedish health authorities.  

Up coming Art Project

weave Engrave
May10-24 2021

In line with its constant commitment to valorizing Contemporary Art and  Culture, SoHo Art Centre is presenting Weave Engrave Generate at  Galleri SoHo in Västerås City, Sweden.  

The act of erasing and stratifying, of digging, engraving, spinning,  weaving is a sign of wanting to take something away and also of generating something. Digging to bring out. Think of rock engravings,  signs carved into the rock with a variety of sharp instruments, a form of writing before writing, a form of expression. All this removing,  scratching from the wall generated a language, a communication.  

Weave Engrave Generate is a rhythmic score of drawings, gestures on canvas, photographs, engravings, sheets of paper falling from the ceiling, woven threads, fabrics in which vital images, their material support, and the technique that generates them are transformed into elastic apparitions unfolding in real-time and space.  

The exhibition aims to recreate scenarios by playing with drapes with veils and gauzes that fall, with things that do not stand on their own on precarious conditions thin and light that lose their balance and lean towards the ground in search of support to hold them up reflecting the human condition.  

The group show will include works by both emerging and established artists, from different parts of the world, England, Germany, Italy, Mexico,  Iran, and Argentina.  

Weave Engrave Generate Will take place this spring on 10 May 2021 at  the Art Centre Galleri SoHo in Västerås City, Sweden until the 24 of may

Project leader & Curator
Elisabetta Gazzoli

Elisabetta Gazzoli is a Consultant, Curator, and Exhibition Coordinator based between Milan, Tel Aviv, and London.  

Her focus is on artistic practices in contemporary cultures.  Work experience between Europe, Israel, and the UK in both commercial and non-commercial Art spaces, International Galleries (Dvir gallery), Museums  (Museo del 900 and Royal Palace, CENART Centro Nacional de las Artes )  Art Studios, Contemporary Art Centres ( FUTURA and Karlin Studios).  

She has a great interest in Human Rights and has been involved since 2016  in several social integration projects in border-Zones with a particular focus on Israel and Palestine.  

In April 2020 She launched in London an international online Magazine  Chambre Fluide of which she is co-founder, focused on Visual Culture with a  glimpse at Fashion, Cinema, Art, Architecture, and Graphic Design. She is a  board member together with a team of 8 professional creatives from different backgrounds from Italy, France, London, and Mexico City. 

Former Researcher at UNAM and CENART in Mexico City, with roots in an academic Degree in Fine Arts with Honours and a MSc degree in Art History  & Cultural Heritage at Brera Academy of Fine Arts in Italy, She is dedicated to interrogating the role of the political meaning of art today. 

She collaborates with several international artists, galleries, institutions,  art fairs, and collectors worldwide.

Participating Artists

AMador Montes

(Oaxaca, 1975) is a contemporary Mexican artist. His work emphasizes emotion and it develops from his personal life. The artist follows constant aesthetic research through the materials he loves experimenting with them. In the creative process, continuous changes and evolutions are generated. The layers symbolize time, which is also a central theme of his work. 

His work is exhibited in Mexico and internationally in Casa Lamm Gallery, the International  Museum of the Baroque, the Santo Domingo Cultural Center, the Alfredo Ginocchio Gallery, the  Stamp National Museum, the Drexel Gallery, the Casa del Risco Museum, the Oscar Román  Gallery, the Urban Gallery, the University Museum Casa de los Muñecos, the University Cultural  Center of the BUAP (Meritorious Autonomous University of Puebla), Regional Museum of  Guadalajara, Museum of the Oaxacan Painters, Art Museum of Queretaro, the Art Museum of the  Archbishopric, Fernando Garcia Ponce Museum – MACAY- And abroad in the United Nations  Headquartes and Amsterdam Whitney Gallery in New York City, Vatican City, the Embassy of  Mexico in Spain, the Universities of Birmingham, Exeter, Manchester, The London School of  Economics and Political Science (LSE) and The Future Gallery, Pierhead in Wales, the United  Kingdom, the Excellent Ateneo of Sevilla, Bismarck Studios in San Antonio, Texas, International  Museum of Art and Sciences of Texas, FORMA Museum in San Salvador, the PICI Gallery and the  Hangaram Museum in Seoul, International Contemporary Art Fair Art3F in Montecarlo, Monaco. 

He lives and works in Oaxaca.

Frank Xarate

(1985, Buenaventura) is a Colombian Designer and Visual artist based in  Buenos Aires, Argentina. He studied Visual Communication Design at the National University La  Plata in Buenos Aires and a postgraduate in Conceptual Design at UNTREF. His work is mainly focused on the possibility of creating an image that allows him to travel and create an image of that primitive childhood, to be in a ritual with the materials and dreams.  

I consider myself a hybrid between a graphic designer and a visual artist. I am clear that the strategy of any communication project is to allow a flow of information between two parts, where design is the visual bridge that gives body and form to an idea.  

He lives and works in Buenos Aires.  

Soheil Naderi

I was born in Teheran (Iran) and moved to Italy in 2012. 

In 2017 Bachelor’s degree of 110/110 with honors in Painting at the Academy of Fine Art of Brera, Milan,  Italy. Since 2018 at today, I work as a high fashion textile designer for the company Ratti S.p.A.  based in Como, Italy. 

Since I was a child I have always preferred painting instead of talking or writing. During my childhood, I related to the world only through drawing. 

I observed and watched quietly and carefully all the things that surrounded me. I observed especially the ordinary things. I’m still devoted to drawing because is a sort of bond between me and the external world.  

I always begin with the study of visible reality, which however I repeat many and many times to try to translate what I see and hear into an expression different from mere visual analogy,  correspondingly to the theme. I observe and look in silence, with attention to everything that surrounds me, especially the simple things, which flagrantly reveal the intrinsic poetry that envelops every natural form.  

So, slowly I move away from nature to arrive at a different language but always derived however from the same, through transformations and poetic additions. But there is always an archaic harmony present in my mind, combined with the harmony of nature: a dense weave that is woven by a perpetual motion of lines and rhythms, which follow one another like imaginative signs of a work woven with passion and patience. 

Oliver Lunn

Oliver Lunn is a London-based artist. He works in mixed media collage, using found materials that are charged with history. Lunn approaches his collages as if they were paintings; he embraces mishaps, marks, and stains. He employs soft colors and faint imagery that aren’t always visible at first glance, with quiet details lurking in the background. For Lunn, the combination of ghostly marks with a muted palette expresses feelings of sadness, sensitivity, and softness.

In these pieces, Lunn is intrigued by the idea of creating subtle marks from erasure and subtraction. He tears off fragments and considers the traces they leave behind. He works into the surface as if it were an old wall, strewn with curious marks and graffiti. He’s interested in the poetry of every day, the beauty of all the overlooked details, and the suggestion of history through delicate fragments. 

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