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About the artist

Divya Sharma is a London based artist from South India. She is currently studying for her Masters in Sculpture from the Royal College of Art (2019 – 2021) after completing her BA in Fine Art from the University of Arts London in 2019 (Wimbledon College of Arts) and a Diploma in Fine Art in 2013.

Divya’s work is grounded on the state of present times in terms of world politics, culture, her post-colonial identity and social justice with particular emphasis on the status of women. She is a multi-disciplinary artist and her practise spans across processes and mediums with research playing a big role in that. This research reflects in the installations she curates. It is a way for her to think about the histories, cultures and back stories that shaped the world in its current form.

Divya makes structures that are related to the existing situation and yet at the same time point beyond it. Each work is treated like a separate project and is approached using different perspectives depending on the theme, space that its being shown in, the materials used and how the viewer might navigate around it. In order to come to terms with the very different contexts in which they are made, whether it is mixing materials, editing software, or playing with projections not knowing how to make it is a significant component of making it. Each of the works she makes is a process of unravelling something that starts small with an idea or an image to something that takes on a personality of its own. She employs materials such as wood, fabric, plaster, metal, wool, found objects, and clay to create unusual forms. She also works with text and uses these inscriptions like they are one of the many physical objects she uses. This way her sculptures hope to build a dialogue with the architecture of the space to form a ‘cluster’. These clusters are fragile and poetic yet complex in character and make for compelling installations.


I was always good at drawing and enjoyed botanical drawing in school though I went on to study commerce and management at university. Moving to Munich allowed me to rekindle my interest in art. I spent a lot of my free time over this period in museums, copying parts of the art works and sculptures trying to tease out ‘technique’ and an individual style. Further travel within Europe enabled me to see the genius of the old masters in The Louvre, The Sistine Chapel, Michaelangelo’s David and the Lembachhaus.

Living in London (since 2009) and exposure to exhibitions here made me realise the power art has on society and its influence to drive social change. This concept inspired me to further my artistic education. I have been a practising artist for many years with my own studio and have taken part in both group exhibitions and solo shows. I thrive on artistic personal development, I think art schools are a platform where artists of different generations, ideologies, and backgrounds can interact and find this a constant source of inspiration and motivation. I feel a sense of urgency and responsibility to give back to society through my expressions in art. I want to create work which allows people to look at themselves as part of a global setting, to influence and be influenced by best practices worldwide. I have a keen interest in history of ancient civilisations including India’s history and my intention is to bring an essence of its rich and varied artistic heritage into my future work. Divya Sharma