Dilip Kumar Kesavan

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My abstract works become a significant part of work itself. It has a main role in my aesthetic practise. I don’t work to create meanings. Paintings arise on the basis of my inspirations from my environment and travel. They refer to the body and mind of each individual.

I use my color and space as language, my work is alive with emotion through the movement of the brushwork and the luscious layered colors. Much like memories, each painting is filled with layer upon layer of paint, building a rich history into each piece. Although it’s a play and game of life to experience and express.

-Dilip Kumar

Dilip Kumar graduated from Madras University, Government College of Arts. His shows include Kinetics group show at Art Houz Gallery [Chennai – 2017], “Emerging Idioms” at Aman Hotel [Delhi- 2012], “Emerging Idioms” at Sri Dharani Gallery [Delhi -2011], “Sign” at Alliance Franchise [Pondicherry- 2009], “Madras Canvas” at Forum Art Gallery [Chennai- 2009], “Chennai Canvas Show” at Forum Art Gallery [Chennai-2007,2008 and 2009], Group show at State Lalith Kala Akademi [Chennai- 2007], Kinetics group show at Lalit Kala Akademi [Chennai-2007], Group show at Palazzo Art Gallery [Chennai- 2005], Select award include State Junior Lalit Kala Academy Award [Chennai-2003], Select Scholorship include Dhakshina Chitra Arts Management Scholarship [Chennai–2008].