Daniel KErsh

Daniel KErsh

Daniel Kersh is an artist from the United States exploring intersections in art, performance, and technology. He brings his background in lighting design, dance, performance, and installation art to create site-specific exhibitions, performances, and immersive experiences. As a meditation practitioner, his work embodies themes of the breath, the present moment, creation and disintegration, harmony and tension, non-duality, and the interconnectedness of the universe. He invites viewers to participate in meditative encounters with their own minds and bodies and opportunities for moments of transcendence. He utilizes AI and computation to create unique poetic experiences challenging what about humanity is patterned and totally replicable and points at the one thing that is not, our felt experiences. 

Kersh trained his eye to the nuances of light, dance, and performance under the mentorship of Robert Wierzel and the Bill T. Jones/Arnie Zane Company creative team. He furthered his studies of light and its effects on bodies, built environments, and the natural world while an apprentice turned Associate, for Al Crawford at Arc3Design. Kersh’s strong passion for light, art, and movement grew into a breadth of work in lighting design, installations, and performance. With the mission of blending these mediums he formed Studio Daniel Kersh in 2020, a collaborative studio for experimental practice and research in contemporary art and performance.

8 minutes color meditation

8 Minute Color Meditation (2021)
Everything in the universe follows a cycle of expansion and contraction, of creation and destruction. We feel the expansion and contraction of our lungs and abdomen as we breathe, we see it as the moon moves the tide, and when we witness a supernova that collapses into a black hole. Through deeply saturated colors and subconscious, breath-like movement, Kersh’s work connects us to this universal rhythm and to the infinite nature of space.