With Dandelight, DRIFT fuses nature and technology into a multidisciplinary light sculpture. The work can be seen as a critical yet utopian vision on the future of our planet, where two seemingly opposite evolutions have made a pact to survive. DRIFT developed two versions, one with and one without a power base and dome. The one with the power base includes an adaptor. 

Dandelight is a subtle and imaginative light.
The concept is based on the same idea as Studio Drift’s most well-known work Fragile Future III:  a utopian vision of the amalgamation between nature and technology. 

Dandelight is made of a real dandelion, which is picked in large numbers by hand every spring.  Each seed is glued onto a LED, one by one. This labor-intensive process symbolizes the fragility of life. It can be understood as a clear statement in respect to mass production and the prevailing disposable culture of today’s culture.  Are rapid technological developments of our time really progressed beyond the evolution of nature, of which the dandelion is such a  symbolic and transitory example? Or could the two evolve together and meet again in the future? 

Dandelight can be seen as an expression of a critical yet utopian vision of the future of our planet: where two seemingly contradictory trends will strike a pact to survive anyway.
Studio Drift is known for this quirky and distinctive aesthetic idiom and depicting nature both formal and philosophical- always as a  reference. 


  • Dandelight+ Glass dome+ Concrete base: €360 / Piece

Or costumize your order:

  • Dandelight: €138 /Piece
  • Glass dome: €78 /piece
  • Concrete base: € 144 / piece