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Chingiz Babayav

Chingiz Babayav

Chingiz Babayav

Chingiz Babayav


“Since the late1980s, my professional experience has involved the creation of conceptual paintings, drawings, and installations. Later in the1990s, I assembled different objects and installations using traditional themes with philosophical, social, and political meanings. For example, being inspired by the tradition of weaving Azerbaijani rugs, I produced a number of large scale installations. “Alive”- carpets made of fruits, vegetables, flowers, and all other natural materials taken from nature to show how beautiful and temporary is life.

I am trying to express life issues in an analytic-poetic way that is currently interesting for me. From this angle, the development of my idea is never finished, as it is organic, alive, in progress. It appears in different images and forms, documenting certain creative periods. It is a journey of discovery.

I address my work to the fragility and sensitivity of human life. These themes are combined into installations featuring mundane domestic objects made from a variety of materials: wax, organic glass, polymer clay, canvas, paper, using different media forms such as sculpture, painting, drawing, photo, video, installation, performance, often embellished with stenciled text. The mentioned artworks mean to establish a dream-like surreal quality, suggesting notions of purity and safety. Sometimes texts provide clues to content and interpretation. My intentions in creating artworks are attempts to produce the minimal form with maximal content thus amplifying my intentions.

I also create site-specific temporary installations for indoor and outdoor locations.

I have made a series of “flesh sculptures” that attempt to reveal the life of a human surrounded by an abusive environment.

Art is not able to change the world but attempts to analyze problems and ask questions. From this perspective, the contemporary artist becomes the visual analytic philosopher who captures images and moments of the current time and translates them into his or her artwork.

I attempt to visually distill the essence of the subject in visual and non-visual ways. Contradictions between my perceived reality and “official” information spread by world mass media push me to react to it and become the outline, the beginning. The starting point of ideas.”  Chingiz Babayav

Born in 1964, Baku, Azerbaijan
Lives and works in Azerbaijan

Chingiz Babayev is a graduate of the sculpture faculty of Baku Arts University, also the first artist which presented Azerbaijan on international exhibitions of conceptual arts. From his point of view, there is no important direction than „land art“ – art on nature. Artist – conceptualist – says Chingiz Babayev, begins to reflect on problems disturbing him. His work – is not the answer, it is the beginning of thoughts, which can appear in forms of sculpture, video, and other apparent structures, visual and sound installations. There is no already result of arts. Artist only puts a question. And if the viewer joins to his thoughts, then begins joint growth of thoughts.

He spent all his life in Azerbaijan, in his native land. He presented the figure of a paradoxical person: Artist is unknown in his own country, and he didn´t stop presenting his works in Europe and the USA. „In Baku one time I presented my exhibition, which was visited by not more than 15 men“ – he said with a smile. In Baku, you can meet 3 or 4 artists doing works in the conceptual genre. But the traditions of aesthetic forms still dominated on artistic stage.


  • 2009. Can you hear? | Will I ever leave the Soviet epoch?
  • 2008. Flesh ladder | Solitude
  • 2007. Flesh Crown. | Dreams and predictions
  • 2004. Destination the World
  • 1986–2011. Brother stone | Handmade carpet | Ada (Island) | Stone trees | White symphony | My carpet | Silk way | Paintings | Drawings


  • 2011. THE JOURNEY TO THE EAST. Bialystok. Poland.
  • 2010. USSR-REMIX.AZ – 2. Baku. Azerbaijan.
  • 2009. BakUnlimited. Basel. Switzerland.
  • 2009. CURRAINT D’AIJER. Nairs. Switzerland.
  • 2009. Baku, Yerevan, Tbilisi: Roger! Caucasian cities. “Transkaukazja” Culture Festival. KORDEGARDA Gallery. Warsaw. Poland.
  • 2008. Steps of time Contemporary Art from Azerbaijan. Dresden. Germany.
  • 2008. Paintings /Solo/. Borgo Valsugana: Casa Strobele. Italy.
  • 2008. USSR-REMIX.AZ – 1. Baku. Azerbaijan.
  • 2008. Sketches, drawings, paintings and photos /Solo/. Verona. Italy.
  • 2007. Azerbaijan Contemporary Photography. Moscow. Russia.
  • 2006. Transfusion. Liestal. Switzerland.
  • 2005–2006. International Art Project, “Ecotopia”. Berlin. Germany.
  • 2005. International Art Project, “Aluminium”. Baku. Azerbaijan.
  • 2005–2006. International Art Project, “Border Dialogues”. The Barents Art Triennial. Neiden, Kirkenes. Norway; Murmansk, Lovozero. Russia.
  • 2005. International Project, “The Tile Project”. Destination. The world. Public Art. USA, Azerbaijan.
  • 2004. Exhibition – “Ripustus” Gallery, /Solo/. Finland.
  • 2004. International Project “The Tile Project”. Destination. The world. Public Art. TRANSCULTURAL EXCHANGE. USA, Finland.
  • 2004. Chingiz. South Caucasian Culture Festival, “Transkaukazja”. Warsaw. Poland.
  • 2004. International Symposium – “Research without boundaries”. Goethe Institute. Tbilisi. Georgia.
  • 2003. Chingiz. Contemporary Art Centre. Nachichevan. Azerbaijan.
  • 2003. “Xali”, traditional and contemporary carpet versions. Baku. Azerbaijan.
  • 2003. “Plastic Carpet”. Long Forest. Guba. Azerbaijan.
  • 2003. Chingiz /Solo/. Museum Centre. Baku. Azerbaijan.
  • 2002–2003. Chingiz. Photo-Video Centre. Thessaloniki. Greece.
  • 2002. Chingiz /Solo/. University Marc Block. Strasbourg. France.
  • 1998. Chingiz. Pitshanger Manor & Gallery. UK.   
  • 1997. Chingiz. Alternative Gallery. Baku. Azerbaijan.
  • 1997. Chingiz /Solo/. Sanat Gallery. Baku: Baku Arts Centre. Azerbaijan.
  • 1996. White Symphony – Contemporary Ecological Mentality Series /Solo/. Austria.
  • 1996. Chingiz. Institute of Africa & Asia. Vienna. Austria.
  • 1995. Chingiz /Solo/. Burgenland. Austria.
  • 1995. Chingiz /Solo/. Donauraum Gallery. Vienna. Austria.
  • 1995. Chingiz /Solo/. Atelier Davidgasse. Vienna. Austria.
  • 1995. Chingiz. Schloss Wolkersdorf. Wolkersdorf. Austria.
  • 1993. Chingiz. Tuyap 3rd Istanbul Art Fair. Istanbul. Turkey.
  • 1992. Chingiz. Manezh Central Exhibition Hall. St. Petersburg. Russia.
  • 1990. Chingiz. L’orangerait, Gallery, Saint Paul de Vence. France.
  • 1988. Chingiz. Arts & Culture Center. Saigon. Vietnam.
  • 1988. Chingiz. Artist’s Central House. Moscow. Russia.
  • 1986. Chingiz. Sattar Bahlulzadeh Gallery. Baku. Azerbaijan.

Biennial, Triennial:

  • 2010. Elite–tile 2010. Fourth International Ceramic Tile Triennial. Santiago De Los Caballeros: Centro Leon. The Dominican Republic.
  • 2007. OMNIA MEA. The Pavilion of Azerbaijan, 52nd International Art Exhibition. Venice Biennial, Venice. Italy.
  • 2006. Elite-tile 2006. Third International Ceramic Tile Triennial. Santo Domingo: Museum of Modern Art (MAM). The Dominican Republic.
  • 2005–2006. Border Dialogues. The Barents Art Triennial. Neiden, Kirkenes. Norway; Murmansk, Lovozero. Russia.
  • 1996. Arte Sella-96-Art in Nature. Borgo Valsugana. Italy.


  • 2011. TERRA GRANATA. First Pomegranate Festival organized by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of the Republic of Azerbaijan. Vienna. Austria.
  • 2007. Traditional Azerbaijan carpets. Organized by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism of the Republic of Azerbaijan. UNESCO. Paris. France.


  • 2006–2008. Art Curator, Museum Center. Baku: Ministry of Culture and Tourism.  Azerbaijan.        
  • 2006. Co/Curator of Azerbaijan representation Exhibition, “Transfusion”. Basel. Liestal. Switzerland.
  • 2003. Curator – Contemporary Art Centre. Nakhichevan. Azerbaijan.
  • 2003. Curator of Project – Xali, traditional and contemporary carpet versions. Baku. Azerbaijan.
  • 2001. Curator of Project – Ganly Gel, Art & Environment. Baku. Azerbaijan.


  • 2010. Summer School Black See Academy, Istanbul: ECF, OSI, Bilgi University, SantralIstanbul. Turkey.
  • 2009. Go east, conference. Warsaw: Adam Mickiewicz Institute. Poland.
  • 2008. Emerging Cultural Continent: Actors and Networks. Istanbul: Bilgi University, SantralIstanbul. Turkey.
  • 2004. Research without boundaries. Tbilisi: Goethe Institute. Georgia.
  • 2002. Conceptual Art in Azerbaijan. Strasbourg. France.
  • 2000. Art & Environment, Baku: Azerbaijan Injilery – Private Museum. Azerbaijan.
  • 1996. Azerbaijan, a view from inside. Viena: Depot, Messepalace. Austria.


  • 2008. ОЙ – International Public Art Symposium and Workshop. Bishkek. Kyrgyzstan.
  • 2005. Ecotopia. Tbilisi. Georgia.
  • 2004. Research without boundaries. Tbilisi: Goethe Institute. Georgia.
  • 2003. Margin Island, Art & Environment. Baku. Azerbaijan.
  • 2001. Ganly Gel, Art & Environment. Baku. Azerbaijan.
  • 2001. Open Circle, Land Art. Kuressaare. Estonia.
  • 1997. Artists on Ranch, Painting. Vienna. Austria.
  • 1995. Landscape-Art-Project-95, Art in Nature. Gars am Kamp–Wachtberg. Austria
  • 1994. Baku Art in Residence, Painting. Vienna. Austria.


  • 2010. I’AM NOT THERE, sourcebook for the 8th Gwangju Biennale. Gwangju. South Korea.
  • 2008. Emerging Cultural Continent: Actors and Networks. Istanbul: SantralIstanbul. Turkey.
  • 2008. l’Adige, Cultura e Societa. Trento. Borgo Valsugana. Italy.
  • 2007. European Cultural Foundation Annual Report 2007. Amsterdam. The Netherlands.
  • 2006. EcoTopia, contemporary art, and nature in the Caucasus. Tbilisi. Goethe Institute. Georgia.
  • 2005–2006. “Art in America”, Annual Guide – galleries, museums, artists sourcebook to the U.S.A. art world, 2005-06 museums preview. New York. USA.
  • 2005. Lapin Lansa newspaper. Keckiviikko. Norway.
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  • 2003. Caucasus- photography, cinema, video. Appolonia, Strasbourg. France.
  • 2002. Dernières Nouvelles d’Alsace. Strasbourg. France.
  • 2000. Nashe Vremya Magazine. Baku. Azerbaijan.
  • 1999. Textile Art Magazine. Tokyo. Japan.
  • 1999. Edelweiss Magazine. Baku. Azerbaijan.
  • 1998. Irs Magazine. Baku. Azerbaijan.
  • 1998. Portraits of Transition-Azerbaijan style. UNICEF. Baku. Azerbaijan.
  • 1997. Artists on the ranch, Catalog. Reuhof. Austria.
  • 1997. Portraits of Transition – The Azerbaijan Style. Istanbul. Turkey.
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  • 1995. LSAP- Landscape Art. Wachtberg, Gars. Austria.
  • 1995. Caspian Magazine. UK.
  • 1995. Kultur Kontakt Catalog. Vienna. Austria.
  • 1989. Baku Art Centre, Catalog. Baku. Azerbaijan.

Education and qualification:

  • 1983–1984. Azerbaijan State University of Arts. Baku.
  • 1986–1991. M. F. A. Azerbaijan State University of Arts. Baku.
  • 1979–1983. Teacher of Fine Arts. Azerbaijan State Art College. Baku.
  • 1975–1979. Art School. Baku. Azerbaijan.


  • 1996–Present. Arts etc…Center for Contemporary Culture. Baku. Azerbaijan.
  • 1996–Present. Union of Azerbaijan Artists. Baku. Azerbaijan.
  • 1987–1996. Baku Arts Centre. Baku. Azerbaijan.

Employment history:

  • 2011–Present. STEP beyond advisor for the Caucasus countries. ECF (European Cultural Foundation). Amsterdam.
  • 2009–2011. Expert. Open Society Institute Assistance Foundation. Baku. Azerbaijan.
  • 2006–Present. The editorial board of the CORD art magazine. France.
  • 2003–2007. Board member, Open Society Institute Assistance Foundation, Baku, Azerbaijan
  • 2006–2008. Art curator. Museum Center. Ministry of Culture and Tourism. Baku. Azerbaijan.        
  • 1997–2000. Sculptor. The Tussauds Group Studios. The UK.
  • 1996. Test Head in New York for The Tussauds Group Studios. One of the three successful applicants chosen from two hundred sculptors around the world.
  • 1996–Present. Founder and President – Arts. Center for Contemporary Culture. Baku. Azerbaijan.
  • 1995–1997. Freelance Photo – Correspondent. Caspian Magazine. UK.
  • 1987–1997. Art curator. Baku: Baku Arts Center. Azerbaijan.
  • 1986–1987. Freelance artist.

Scholarship and residence:

  • 2009. 2-month scholarship & residence program. Nairs: Nairs Cultural Centre. Switzerland.
  • 2009. 1-month scholarship & residence program. Basel: IAAB Studios. Switzerland.
  • 1996. 2 month scholarship, granted by Kunsthalle Krems. Krems. Austria.
  • 1995. 6-month scholarship, granted by Kultur-Kontact. Vienna. Austria.
  • 1994. 1-month scholarship & residence program WUK, granted by Kultur-Kontact. Vienna. Austria.