Charlotte Olsson

Swedish artist Charlotte Olsson’s joyful paintings and designs hide an important message. At its heart, it’s about being mindful of the Earth’s resources and using what already exists.

Charlotte draws her inspiration from the recycled materials she sculpts from. Out of respect for those materials she only creates original art – never any editions. So if you have a piece of art by Charlotte, you can be sure that it’s exclusive to you only.

The recycled materials contain stories of their own which are brought back to life in her cheerful art & designs.

Charlotte has previously shown her art at the Hollywood Road Gallery and Decorative Art Fair in London, The Gallery at Gothia Towers in Gothenburg, Gallery Scandinavia in Stockholm, and Galleri Vibes, Oslo. She is one of very few Swedes to have exhibited her art at the Council of Europe in Strasbourg. Her designs are sold all over the world.

Charlotte works passionately for charity through her art and has donated many paintings that have been auctioned. She is a very collectible and interesting artist. This is mindful and groovy art for your playful senses!