Book your event with us at our Gallery Venue or we help you set up a gallery at your space

We can provide artists, entertainers, photographers, technical equipment and production team, event promotional staff, decoration, and anything else you may need for your event.

We can also add various creative activities to your events such as Artist talks, performances, dancing,

Why choosing our venues for events?


The ready-made, better-than-anything-you-could-dream-of-creating-yourself decor. Where else can you have priceless art hanging on the walls of your event? It’s the kind of wall decoration you could certainly feel inspired in, as it’s presented in a coherent and beautiful way.


The space itself is set up for hosting. Our gallery has a wide-open space that showcases the art to the best effect. We keep the furnishings and interior neutral and minimalist. This means plenty of mingling and circulating space for you and your guests.


Our gallery is located in the heart of the city center, it´s very easy for your guests to reach. 2 mins away from the central station, close to 3 Parking houses and surrounded by bus stops.
Also top location with street entrance and huge shopping windows, perfect for Launching and marketing events.


It’s an inherently creative Space. Creativity is in the very nature and purpose of our gallery. Artists have poured creativity into the pieces they’ve produced, pursuing an artistic vision. It is near impossible when in a gallery not to feel enlightened and inspired.


A gallery is always the classy, smart, cultured choice. It doesn’t mean it needs to be formal and stuffy, but choosing a gallery says something about the kind of party or event you’re throwing and the kind of company you are.


Our gallery is the only gallery in Västerås centrum exhibiting international art, design, crafts, and Digital art.


At our gallery, you can add different digital and physical activities to your events such as Art tours, creators talks, and workshops from artists worldwide so you will learn techniques from all over the world without the need to travel. We also exhibit different types of art some are interactive and kinetic.