Have your own space at our shared Showroom concept

This service is Available for :

Local and International exhibitors in the following fields:

Artist (Painters, sculptors, photographers, glass &ceramic, textiles,. Etc.)

Design ( Fashion, accessories, Jewellery, Furniture ,…etc.)

Handcrafts ( wood work, pottery, glass art, etc.)

For Brands and individual artists and designers.

Permanent Booth : ( Minimum 6 month period)

Wall and Floor Space

Normal booth size : Wall: ( 1,5m w x 2,8 m H) +Floor : 80 cm depth x 1,5 cm width)

( Customized Shelving & hanging system, movable wall section, brand sign & a tv screen) can be added with an extra price.

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Rent a show case or a table:

Show Cases & tables available :

Show case 1(73x175cm)

Show case 2 (101×100 cm)

Table ( set of 3 tables )

Table 1: 117cm 180cm, Table 2 & 3 with storage 128 cm x80 cm each

Please note : The gallery charges 25% commission on the sold items in addition to the monthly fees.

The monthly fees include: – Venue rental – Electricity -Cleaning – salesmanship – general marketing -Logo on the shopping window- Own page on Galleri SoHo Website, webshop, and on our Artsy platform.

For individual marketing you can choose one of our marketing packages.

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