“Invest in Yourself Today to Leave a Lasting Mark on History”

Anne Stewart

I was born in Denmark but have lived most of my life in Sweden. I have been creating
in different materials for as long as I can remember – I simply can’t resist doing it. I studied art history at the university in my early years followed by several art schools for longer and shorter periods. I learn new things all the time! During the years I have
had several exhibitions, mostly in Sweden, some of them jury judged. Member of the Swedish Artist Union.
Constantly experimenting and moving between the abstract expression and the more concrete embodiment. Nature and people often turn up in my paintings while my intuition and curiosity are guiding me. Mostly I work with acrylic paint or watercolor
and now and then I might add mixed media. Some of the original artworks I turn into fine art prints, so-called giclée.
To me, art is a form of communication and I love to hear my viewers’ thoughts and feelings.