Anja Semling

Anja Semling lives in southern Germany and is a trained graphic designer by profession. She has worked for many years in the fields of classic print advertising and publishing. Building on her earlier graphic design studies, she discovered her great passion for free painting many years later. Her pictorial realizations are very versatile: naturalistic, expressionistic, abstract as well as figurative. Anja Semling works in various techniques. Interesting are her works with impact metal (silver, gold), while still using acrylic painting. Unique are her artworks where the artist used two different techniques: pouring and painting. Her diversity and versatility is what makes her creative work special. Thematically and technically her portfolio is very broad: Naturalism, photorealism, abstraction, figurative, painteri, graphics, drawings. Her pictorial motifs often have their source in nature. With her animal paintings, she combines her love for painting and animals. Likewise, she wants to show the uniqueness and vulnerability of these creatures. Portraits in different ways to enhance or emphasize the facial expression according to the technique is the focus of her work as well as the abstract painting where she excites the spontaneous and the execution, which she succeeds intuitively.

Her series of paintings showing living beings (animals or humans) impress with their liveliness and expression of the soul. Alternately, she deals with the above themes and also has a project going on since 2016, where Semling combines her elephant paintings with elephant conservation. Semling says of herself, “I’ve dedicated hundreds of hours to elephants… As enduring as they are, so is my painting.” After all, she has been painting and drawing since childhood. Through her studies, she has learned how to work to the finest detail, create concepts, or design graphically. She still uses all these tools of the trade, despite the computer. Her manual painting on the easel distracts from everyday life and the crises of today, insofar as worlds of thought open up with each brushstroke or a palette knife texture, stimulating the mind and animating emotions. This is the true value of her artwork.