Anders borgenhag holmqvist

The inspiration for Borgenhag Holmqvist’s paintings stems from his surroundings and everyday routine. In this way, he allows the viewers to recognize themselves in these familiar scenes and make connections to their own lives.

Although at first glance the scenes seem ordinary, there is a certain atmosphere to the paintings that suggest that there is something more than what meets the eye. His works are like a riddle in which you are struggling to find out what is amiss.

Anders Borgenhag Holmqvist b.1974, Anders is an artist based in Eskilstuna. He often works in acrylic, but also oil on canvas. He picks up the motives in everyday life He often processes the motifs by adding his own personal angle. Anders believes that it is drawing that he has always practiced in adulthood that has led him into painting. Anders has studied Illustration at Mälardalen University and graduated in 2007. Since then, he has worked as a technical illustrator in addition to his art. Anders has exhibited both his drawings and his painting on several occasions, both private and also on the jury. group exhibitions.