Västerås International Art Fair

17 -24 October 2020

About VIAF

We are Launching the first-ever international art fair in Västerås, Sweden in 2020!

In the oldest city in  Sweden and Northern Europe, which remains one of the main logistical centers in Sweden, Our association has created  VIAF  ( Västerås International Art Fair ) which is opening the  doors for integration and collaboration to get through one of the worst time that has faced our generation, using the best medium of communication “Art” 

Our mission is to promote the appreciation of visual arts by presenting high-quality and diversity of different media in an actual and virtual space that allows a large number of people to visit our City and to explore contemporary art which supports our mission to nurture the love of art.

We are inviting contemporary Independent artists and galleries worldwide to join us!

We are taking all precautions for the current pandemic outbreak and we are following the Swedish Health authorities rules and regulations.

Founded by a gallerist, event organ

Working with a close relation to artists , costumers and understanding the challenges that faces the art market and in this fair we are trying to meet all demands that have not been fulfilled before.
And Specially with Covid 19 Side effects, We have to take a fast action !


With Covid 19 out break, most of the exhibitions and fairs world wide were forced to close their doors, Fortunately here in Sweden everything is normal but we have to apply the restrictions of the Swedish health authorities.
So we are opening our doors with an innovative solution.


Due to Covid 19 out break, and most of the countries boarders are closed the artists can ship the artworks in case they can´t attend the air fair.
But we don´t cover the shipping cost but our team with professional curators will take care of the rest.

Online representation

Participating in this fair gives you a discount on online representation packages on Galleri SoHo website , Social media and on Artsy all year around with packages starting from 30 € /month for 12 months.

Unique concept

With our  innovative approach concept of abandoning the traditional model of art fairs that usually is hold in huge closed space and dividing this space into exhibition booths.
Instead we are turning the heart of  the city center to our arena and the empty retail spaces becomes fully equipped art galleries. In that way we can keep the number of visitors at each space under control and our visitors can enjoy a coffee or a lunch break and get a fulfilling experience during our fair period.


Västerås is a city in central Sweden on the shore of Lake Mälaren in the province of Västmanland, 100 kilometres west of Stockholm. Västerås is Sweden’s largest inland port and the center of its electrical industry. Originally known as Aros (“River Mouth”) and later as Västra (“West”) Aros, it was already a market center and a bishopric by the beginning of the Middle Ages. In medieval times it also served as a major export harbour for iron and copper from the Bergslagen mining region.

Opertunity to have a permenant exhibition space after the end of the fair

Participating in this fair gives you a discount on Home artist packages" provided by Galleri SoHo.
Which gives you the opportunity to have your own space or number of works at Galleri SoHo galleries in Västerås, Sweden. Where you can sell and fill up with new works all year around !

Packages starting from 75€ /month for 12 months .

Our Story !

Welcome to Art City Västerås and our first International Art Fair.

The Art Fair idea came up as we were working on project crossing boarders :https://projectcrossingborders.weebly.com/ which was scheduled to be launched in several countries all over the world starting from October but due to the Covid 19 outbreak, we had to re-schedule all the other spaces worldwide, except ours in Sweden as we weren´t forced to shut down then we created Västerås International Art Fair,  Now Egypt is opened so we created Swedish International Art & Fashion Traveling Fair!

So we said why not invite the whole world and arrange a bigger event!

The art fair will be held between 17 th and 24 th of October in the city center and span over a
large area with many exhibitors. 

Västerås is only an hours train ride from Stockholm and also
close to Uppsala, and the city center is walking distance from the train.

My name is Ghada Zaky and I have been running Gallery Soho in the heart of Västerås for a
couple of years together with my husband. We currently have 2 galleries which along with
some other venues in the city center will hold the Art fair.
I am a clothes designer by profession, educated in Egypt, and I enjoy working with designers
and artists from all over the world and sharing their work with my local community.

We now have a big community of art lovers and artists in Västerås as well as national and
international guests and artists. We arrange events and lectures as well as ongoing

As our network has been growing we now feel it is time to invite more people to join us and
enjoy world-class artists and designers from different parts of the world.

We will see representation not only from Nordic and European artists but also from Africa, Asia
, and the Middle East. You will see original art that is the sign of true artists wherever they
come from. You will also hear talented speakers that will inspire you to see more in Art and
in your own environment.

Art is so important in difficult times like this, and can be a comfort and inspiration by it´s
beauty and the ability to connect us to universal emotions.

To meet in such an inspiring environment is a privilege. As we know some people are not
able to travel we want to enable you to participate on-line.

So welcome to join us in Västerås or on our online platform where you can access and
purchase some of the beautiful art pieces from our visiting artists.

Fair Opening Hours

Friday 16 October 2020

VIP Preview – by invitation only

Saturday 17 October 2020

 Fair Opening : 11:00-20:00

Sunday18-Saturady 24 October 


 We are following the Swedish Health Authorities restrictions and recommendation in All the fair activities and of course Applying the highest standards of hygiene

Phone : +46 70 767 79 91 
E-mail: info@gallerisoho.se

Venue 2020

Empty retail spaces in downtown Västerås

Our office address


Stora gatan 18, Västerås, Sweden 


Hantverkargatan 10 , Västerås


Post address


Kopperbergs vägen 13, box 22, 72213 Västerås