Swedish international
Art & Fashion
Traveling Fair.

International Background

The company owners and board members are from Sweden and other different countries united to build a buzzing platforms for Arts inside and outside Sweden.
We are based in Sweden and being in love with the Swedish culture makes us want to promote it worldwide.

Promote Sweden And the Swedish culture

There are more and more foreigner travellers who are curious about Sweden as a destination. Sweden is regarded as a beautiful country and the destination Sweden is associated with the fact that there is much to experience and explore for the visitor, both in the cities and in nature. Also what the country offer in Art & Design fields gives a deeper image about Sweden and the Swedish culture, We come to you so you can have a taste of what our amazing country have to offer, and hopefully see you in Sweden when traveling becomes an option again.


Swedish International Art & Fashion Traveling Fair will occur twice a year. In a country of choice outside Sweden and/ or a new city inside Sweden to create an impactful cultural exchange.
In 2021 we will launch the project in Västerås, and we chose Egypt to be our 1st destination outside Sweden .

Unique concept

An innovative approach of creating an interactive platform by combining art, design& fashion presented by artists and designers worldwide under the same roof. and creating a movable platform to reach people where they are located and wake their interest .

Contemporary sustainable approach

Artists embraced this definition as a means to understand their individual impact on the environment. The idea of sustainability in art has led to ground breaking works that leverage unique media and send powerful messages about climate change, political policy, and social injustice. Also Swedish fashion aims to go from linear production to circular, where materials are not discarded after use but instead recycled or used in other ways so that the waste is kept to a minimum.

Online representation

Participating in this fair gives you online representation on Galleri SoHo website, Social media, and on partners platform all year round

Opertunity to have a permenant exhibition space after the end of the fair

Participating in this fair will give you a discount on Home artist packages ( having a number of your works, booth or a section) at our gallery where you can expose your works for a whole year.
And this will open a new market for your work.

Our Story!

Welcome to the first edition of the Swedish International Art & Fashion Traveling Fair. (SIAF)

This fair is looking for promoting Sweden and the Swedish culture through focusing on promoting Swedish artists and designers work abroad and creating a two ways road between Sweden and each country we will organize the fair in.

The Fair idea came after organizing Västerås 1st International Art Fair which was held  17-24 October 2020. and we found a lot of people were interested to know more about Sweden as a refreshing destination for art & design.

As our network has been growing, we now feel that it is time to do a different approach and invite more people to join us and start a new movement based on sustainability and integration.

When the world started facing Covid  19, art became so important, as it can create a harmony of comfort and inspiration that connect us to universal emotions, also can help us thinking in a different innovative way to get over this crisis. So we wondered how can we attract people to art and spread this concept at such timing?. The most reasonable solution was going to countries with thriving art scenes, build relations, trigger collaborations, and create an open bridge between them and our base in Västerås, Sweden. 

 Our platform will combine art and fashion at the same venue, offering exhibition spaces, fashion shows, activities, lectures, and sections for traditional arts and handmade crafts. Also inviting businesses, institutes, organizations that have a connection with culture, design, fashion, and arts to join us as exhibitors, sponsors, or members to meet in such an inspiring environment. but due to the current situation, most of the activities will be on our online platform

As we know some people are not able to travel we allow online participation. So welcome to join us this year in  Västerås and Egypt to follow or on our online platform where you can access, contact, and purchase some of the unique pieces from our exhibitors.


Who Can Participate ?

Participation in  The SIAF(Swedish International Art & fashion traveling fair ) is  for galleries, brands in the creative field,  professional artists, designers, and artisans inside and outside Sweden 

Your application will be assessed by the balloting committee because galleries, brands, artists, and designers from all over the globe have the possibility to register.

Within ten working days after your application, you will receive notification by e-mail whether you have been selected and your application will be converted into participation. 

To apply as an exhibitor you need to fill the application form.

What do we offer

  • Exhibition spaces suitable for your field
  • Branding and brand management
  • Testing new revenues with fewer risk factors
  • Contract management
  • Exhibit installation and de-installation
  • Exhibitors have a chance to be speakers at the opening, hold talks and activities during the fair period
  • Marketing and PR
  • Events and activities
  • Online platform and recognition
  • Discount on market analysis customized for your brand.
  •  Discount on customized marketing campaigns.
  • Discount on special designed booths and exhibition spaces ( for organizations, institute, and business)
  • Personal Service


    Your participation fee includes:

    • Website listing of your brand  name and examples of what you are offering
    • A full-page about your brand in the specified section on our website.
    • Walls painted white (running length) 
    • All package price including 25% VAT
    • The mentioning of your name and a reference to your stand or wall on the floor plan.
    • Online catalog of the  SIAF 2021
    • Walls Hight can Vary from 2.8 and up but the artist is only allowed to use 2.5 m of the wall to make it easier for the visitors to view the artworks. 
    • You only pay for the wall width
    • Your  name on a professional sign on your stand
    • Supply of tools + screws for your hanging space
    • Two name badges (for yourself and one assistant) 
    • Invitations to exclusive opening events Listing in the online catalog.
    • Virtual Exhibition on our website
    • You can participate as a speaker in our Curator and Gallerist talk
    • Your artists can hold a workshop or a lecture during the fair period
    • Networking events
    • Advice on the curation of your layout if required
    • All advertising, marketing, and promotion
    • Continuous support and advice regarding your art career and exhibiting with us
    • The rental of the required number of suspension systems for two-dimensional work;
    • 3 individual Instagram posts to promote examples of your artwork
    • Use of chairs and table if needed
    • The venue rent
    • Each venue has a fully equipped kitchen.
    • Usage of the office area supplied by office material and printer.
    • Free access to  WiFi
    • Each venue has a private bathroom
    • security throughout the duration of the exhibition
    • Invitation to Private View, including complimentary drinks
    • General publicity.
    • Printed artist space signage with our logo (you may also bring your own)
    • An information pack, posters & flyers
    • All emails from our exhibitors are usually replied to within 24 hrs
    • Purchase Prize Competition
    • Cleaning.

Fair Opening Hours

Our pilot start will be from 7-14 March in Västerås Sweden

 We are following the global Health Authorities restrictions and recommendation in All the fair activities and of course, Applying the highest standards of hygiene

Phone : +46 70 767 79 91 
E-mail: info@gallerisoho.se

Venue 2021

SoHo Art shop and Galleri SoHo in Västeås, Sweden

Egypt and the exact venue will be announced soon

Our office address


Stora gatan 18, Västerås, Sweden 


Hantverkargatan 10 , Västerås


Post address


Kopperbergs vägen 13, box 22, 72213 Västerås